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In this design project, I was tasked with creating a visual identity for the City Walls Experience in York. The museum aims to explore the rich history of York’s city walls and focuses explicitly on Micklegate Bar. The project encompassed the development of a brand identity, signage, leaflets, and exhibition panels, all aimed at showcasing the historical significance of the city walls.

For the logo, I drew inspiration from the architectural elements of the city walls, notably Micklegate Bar. The logo incorporates an iconic representation of Micklegate Bar surrounded by a wall-like border. The intention was to keep the brand’s style simple and understated, ensuring it does not distract from the intricate stonework and detailing of Micklegate Bar. By avoiding a fixed time period, the logo successfully reflects the museum’s objective of covering various historical periods related to the city walls.

To maintain a cohesive visual narrative throughout the museum, the exhibition panels align with the branding concept. The interior features of Micklegate Bar, such as the historic brickwork and wooden structure, inspired the design approach. I sought to focus on the texture and richness of these elements through the exhibition panels. By employing neutral shades of grey as the primary background colour, the panels provide a visually pleasing backdrop that doesn’t overshadow the focal point—the building itself. The panels incorporate simple vector illustrations, allowing visitors to focus their attention on the historical significance and stories behind the city walls.

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