Archaeology through the Lens

Marketing Material

Exhibition Design

“Archaeology through the Lens” was an exhibition exploring the captivating intersection of archaeology and photography. The project aimed to showcase the profound impact of photography in archaeology, including its role in documenting finds and excavation sites, as well as the artistic and cultural insights portrayed by each photograph.

Drawing inspiration from the look of photographic negative contact sheets, I embarked on a journey to create a unique visual identity which was to appeal to both archaeology enthusiasts as well as younger artists/photographers. The design process involved crafting various materials, including eye-catching posters, informative DL leaflets, and engaging exhibition panels. These elements were designed to give visitors an immersive experience and a comprehensive understanding of the exhibition’s content.

I also created a complimentary photo book for the exhibition. This meticulously crafted book featured a collection of stunning photographs from the exhibition, allowing visitors to relish the visual journey even after their visit. It also provided supplementary information about the photos, offering a deeper understanding of their historical and cultural context.

Copyright: York Archaeology

Promotional poster
Exhibition leaflet
Exhibition photobook