JORVIK Viking Festival

Marketing Material

Since 2019, I’ve had the honour of designing captivating artwork for the renowned JORVIK Viking Festival hosted by the JORVIK Viking Centre in York. Drawing inspiration from historical artefacts and the festival’s unique atmosphere, my designs capture the spirit of the Viking era while infusing a contemporary touch from enticing posters to informative leaflets, comprehensive programmes to immersive fold-out maps, and a variety of signs and banners that transform York city centre into a vibrant Viking wonderland.

My design work has left a lasting impression on the festival’s visual identity, creating an immersive and memorable experience for attendees. Combining historical authenticity with contemporary aesthetics, I have crafted visually striking designs that transport visitors into the fascinating world of Vikings.

Through my contributions to the JORVIK Viking Festival, I demonstrate my ability to create compelling designs that engage audiences and contribute to the event’s success.

Copyright: York Archaeology

Festival programme from 2020, “Voyage of the Vikings”.

Lamp post banners from the 2020 “Voyage of the Vikings”.

Festival highlight 2022.
Festival fold-out map 2023.
Festival signage and fabric banners.